Wildlife Spotting

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August 9, 2021
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July 26, 2021

Wildlife Spotting

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Townsville and its surrounding regions are home to an abundance of wildlife. Here are our top 5 cute and curious creatures to keep an eye out for on your next visit.

1. Koalas – who doesn’t love this adorable Aussie icon? Forts Walk on Magnetic Island is famous for its koala spotting so make sure to look up in the trees.
2. Echidnas – catching a glimpse of these shy creatures is rare, but so exciting when you do!
3. Texas Longhorn – in nearby Charters Towers, you’ll find the iconic Texas Longhorn breed of cattle. Join in on a safari and wagon tour with Texas Longhorn Tours.
4. Rock wallabies – these friendly critters also call Magnetic Island home and aren’t afraid to come up close to say hello.
5. Bird life – Townsville is home to over 400 species of Australian birds so there’s plenty of opportunities to see our feathered friends.

What have you spotted on your stay here?

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